Getting Angry with Jesus

Whenever I get angry I get told to “Just calm down!”

I get sent upstairs into my room until I come around.

I get told to count quite slowly from numbers one to ten,

I get told if that doesn't work first time to start all over again.

I get told to just breath deeply and like Elsa, “Let it Go!”

But I can't help getting frustrated or the fact I let it show.

So what am I supposed to do but get red-faced, scream and shout?

Sometimes I am right to be angry at the things I'm so mad about!


But apparently being angry is “Not the Jesus way!”

But I don't think that is right from what the Bible has to say.

Because didn't Jesus get angry? Didn't he get cross?

Surely he got upset too at all the hurt and hate and loss?


In fact I remember a story about Jesus in a holy place -

If I behaved like he did back then I'd be called a disgrace!

I remember Jesus at a temple and as soon as he walked in,

He saw what was around him and started shouting “SIN!”


He threw some tables over and began to shout and yell

Because he disapproved of those who'd come to buy and sell.

This is a house of prayer” he said and not a den of thieves -

He got cross because they acted like those who didn't believe.

But this was their holy place – this was the House of God -

To treat it as a supermarket was nothing short of odd!

So no wonder Jesus was angry and didn't wish to stay calm -

The things he saw them doing there were cause for great alarm!


They weren't honouring God with their behaviour there,

In fact they cared more for buying and selling their giftware.

To behave in such a way meant Jesus was full of rage -

It must have been like a soap opera or scene from a London stage!

So what's wrong with being angry if I am in the right?

If I know someone is doing something wrong, shouldn't I put up a fight?

Don't I have a duty to make sure the world is good?

Aren't I doing wrong myself if I don't do all I should?

If Jesus got really angry, can't I get angry too?

I don't understand why I get shushed when all I want to do -

Is fight against injustice and things I think are bad -

Does Jesus really judge me if sometimes I get mad?

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